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Welcome to #DragonNation!

Hello Hello!

Welcome to the Nation of Dragons! We are one of the largest dragon groups on dA, we enjoy to roleplay in the deviantart chats (click the image above to check it out) and now we are able to open our doors more easily to the rest of dA 8D

There are never any joining requirements to be a member and you are automatically accepted!

Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky What can I submit?
Anything with a dragon in it, more specifically:
A deviation with no less then one mythical creature, anthro or feral (meaning not one in Earth's current animal kingdom) |or| a deviation including #DragonNation's mascot, Hyvera |or| a hybrid dragon, as long as it is clearly written out in the description that it is a hybrid/cross dragon.
No Work in Progress, prefer to see full out drawings or finished sketches
:iconredxplz:WIP - Where the hills end by mythori
:iconcheckmarkplz:Where the hills end by mythori
No desktop screenshots, regardless of who drew it
:iconredxplz:Desktop - Mist by jennyleigh
:iconcheckmarkplz:Mist by jennyleigh
No images from Dragon-creators, regardless what you add to it afterwards. We want original work. That also means no coloured bases. Collaborations are fine, however.
:iconredxplz:dragon maker id by mudpaw
:iconcheckmarkplz:Celestial Dreamer by mudpaw
You CAN submit free-to-use lineart or bases, as long as you created them.
You can not submit journals of any type to our gallery. The only exception to this is the DragonNation chatroom rules, found in DN related.
DragonNation strictly prohibits vore, therefore no vore images are allowed in the gallery.
No overly fetishised images. Please review this chart for more clarity. (NSFW)

Please note that, if you commissioned artwork from an artist on deviantART, you MUST submit the piece DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST'S GALLERY. We will not approve of pieces, bought or gifted, from the recipient as it would detract some attention from the original artists. Some people have to do this for a living, not a hobby. If the artist is on a different website, however, you may submit the art as long as you link it directly back to the artist.

Also, Submit your deviations to the right galleries. :shakefist:

Remaining Submission rules are still under construction~

Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky How can I be a Contributor?
You can note us. We're interested in people that can follow guidelines and have common sense, as well as a taste for art that is unique and unseen. Remember that if you hold an admin position in a group, you're going to get the group bar on your user page as well as getting quite a bit of group messages to vote on submissions.

Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky How can I be a Moderator?
Unfortunately, this position is just for editing access, such as contributors that are managing the gallery, members, adding affiliates, and things.

Community Spotlight Info (Updated Every Issue)

:spotlight-left: :iconjex-lumikhoth: Jex-LumiKhoth :spotlight-right:
First one of these is going to Jex-LumiKhoth for killing the rest of that submission folder xD GJ

:spotlight-left: :iconmaxcat2013: maxcat2013 :spotlight-right:
Im doing free requests, send me a note if you want one!

:spotlight-left: :icondrerika: Drerika :spotlight-right:
I do in traditional media quality works (can try to draw everything).
I accept both PayPal (USD$ or EUR€) and DeviantArt points:points:.
Prices starts from 3$.

:spotlight-left: :iconessey11: essey11 :spotlight-right:
Hello all! I am going to be doing ADOPTABLES now and I hope you keep a good eye out for them! For more info go to…

:spotlight-left: :iconzigzagmag: ZigZagMag :spotlight-right:
hello everyone, im Zigzagmag and im doing some digital dragon/monster commissions for cheap prices from 20-60 points come check them out here:…

:spotlight-left: :iconnso32: Nso32 :spotlight-right:
Quality commissions 150 points and up
Dragonite by Nso32 Dragoth by Nso32 Silence the Shadow Wolf by Nso32
:spotlight-left: :iconakawaiiboutique: AKawaiiBoutique :spotlight-right:
I make commissioned fleece hats and plushies and sell them.
If you would care for one, just read over this journal for more information.
Commission Info

#DragonNation on Steam

Note us with your Steam name, and we'll add you to the list!

Join us for DN game nights!

:iconmushroom-dragon: MushroomDraco
:icondj-sky: DJDragonwolf
:icondelosdimillo: the42jabberwocky
:iconjex-lumikhoth: ghostdragon
:iconkalithe: Kalithe
:iconkinggigabyte: Majy_The_Dragon
:iconmoonzwolf: moonzwolf
:iconzigzagmag: ziggybrandon
:icondark-dragon-13: Dragon.Koeckeritz

DragonNation Hatchery!

Note us your Dragcave Scroll name, and we'll show your growing dragons! (Eggs/Hatchlings updated weekly)

:icondj-sky: djdragondude
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

:iconmoonlightelf: Moonlightelf
-Not accepting aid from others-

:iconsilvermarten: SilverMarten

:iconangel-suicide14: Angel-Suicide14
-Not accepting aid from others-

:icontransparentplz:Random eggs and hatchies~! :heart:

:icondragonmaster425: - dragonmaster425

:iconkalithe: - Kalithe
Adopt one today!

Flight Rising

Note us with your FlightRising name, and we'll add you to the list!

:iconmushroom-dragon: IggyDerp
:icondj-sky: SeiiannaKyuako
:iconjerepasaurus: Jerepasaurus
:iconvolt-the-nightfury: Justanothernightfury
:iconspyertfear: Skarm
:iconkalithe: Kalithe
:iconkinggigabyte: KingGigabyte
:icondraconiaistra: Espee
:iconimmasweetslovinggirl: Immasweetslover



Newest Members

Da Troll Wall

If you've noticed for awhile, art submissions slowed down and even went to a halt. That's because we have run low of active admins to vote on the submissions, and now we're currently looking for maybe 1 to 2 (or maybe more) people who can help as a contrabuttor. All we need to know is whether you are active enough to help with this situation, and that you know how to properly vote on submissions (as in checking whether the submission is going into the proper folder, and if its actually an art piece of a dragon).

All you need to do is submit a request for being a "Contrabuttor", and make sure you mention that you are active and can properly vote (Activity is the main thing).

We hope some of you can come and help us <3
More Journal Entries

#DragonNation news!

on right by 1m307/22 Meet DragonNation's new mascot, Hyvera Mako!
on right by 1m307/26 Project: DragonNation group photo! Want in? Drop a comment here!
on right by 1m308/02 DragonNation is Hiring! Openings are in the group, and the new steam community! Send us a note if you're interested!
on right by 1m308/02 DragonNation now has a steam group! Join for fun times!
on right by 1m308/03 Steam mascot contest~! The contest widget for more info!

Gallery Folders

User Submissions

Group Photo!

Comment here to get in!

Project: DragonNation group photo!
Click download for full view!!

What is it?
An image depicting all the members of DragonNation~.

Why are there so few in it?
Because it's a new project, of course!

It's #DragonNation. . .Why aren't they all dragons?
Although our main focus is dragons, anybody can join! :) DragonNation is a very diverse nation! There are no joining restrictions.

Can I be in it?
If you're a member of DragonNation, Of course!

I see every picture has a different style. . .What gives?
In order to show the diversity of DragonNation, this picture will have images either drawn by the 'sona's owner, or drawn by someone else!
If someone else drew your picture, please request permission before sending it to me!
If you link me a picture from say,, I /will not/ put it on this image!

Is there a deadline?
There is no deadline! If the image gets full, I'll expand the canvas!

What mediums are accepted?
All of them!
Photo (Fursuit, or a photo of yourself!
And whatever else you can think of!

Can you draw my character?
Sorry, not right now. However, I do offer commissions once my slots are empty!…

Cool idea! Can I help?
Of course! I'd love some help! If you're good with text, or just making things look fancy, let me know!
If you want to volunteer as an artist for those who need a pic, comment below, I'll put your name on the list!

Volunteer artists!
Please note these users if you want them to draw your sona!


I want in! How can I join?
Join DragonNation if you haven't already, then fill out this form in a comment below!


Sona's name:
Character Size:


Come join us!


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