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Welcome to #DragonNation!

Hello Hello!

Welcome to the Nation of Dragons! We are one of the largest dragon groups on dA, we enjoy to roleplay in the deviantart chats (click the image above to check it out) and now we are able to open our doors more easily to the rest of dA 8D

There are never any joining requirements to be a member and you are automatically accepted!

Hyvera1 by SeiiannaKyuako What can I submit?
Anything with a dragon in it, more specifically:
A deviation with no less then one mythical creature, anthro or feral (meaning not one in Earth's current animal kingdom) |or| a deviation including #DragonNation's mascot, Hyvera |or| a hybrid dragon, as long as it is clearly written out in the description that it is a hybrid/cross dragon.
No Work in Progress, prefer to see full out drawings or finished sketches
:iconredxplz:WIP - Where the hills end by mythori
:iconcheckmarkplz:Where the hills end by mythori
No desktop screenshots, regardless of who drew it
:iconredxplz:Desktop - Mist by jennyleigh
:iconcheckmarkplz:Mist by jennyleigh
No images from Dragon-creators, regardless what you add to it afterwards. We want original work. That also means no coloured bases. Collaborations are fine, however.
:iconredxplz:dragon maker id by mudpaw
:iconcheckmarkplz:Celestial Dreamer by mudpaw
You CAN submit free-to-use lineart or bases, as long as you created them.
You can not submit journals of any type to our gallery. The only exception to this is the DragonNation chatroom rules, found in DN related.
DragonNation strictly prohibits vore, therefore no vore images are allowed in the gallery.
No overly fetishised images. Please review this chart for more clarity. (NSFW)

Also, Submit your deviations to the right galleries. :shakefist:

Remaining Submission rules are still under construction~

Hyvera1 by SeiiannaKyuako How can I be a Contributor?
You can note us. We're interested in people that can follow guidelines and have common sense, as well as a taste for art that is unique and unseen. Remember that if you hold an admin position in a group, you're going to get the group bar on your user page as well as getting quite a bit of group messages to vote on submissions.

Hyvera1 by SeiiannaKyuako How can I be a Moderator?
Unfortunately, this position is just for editing access, such as contributors that are managing the gallery, members, adding affiliates, and things.

Community Spotlight Info (Updated Every Issue)

:spotlight-left: :iconjex-lumikhoth: Jex-LumiKhoth :spotlight-right:
First one of these is going to Jex-LumiKhoth for killing the rest of that submission folder xD GJ

:spotlight-left: :iconmaxcat2013: maxcat2013 :spotlight-right:
Im doing free requests, send me a note if you want one!

:spotlight-left: :icondrerika: Drerika :spotlight-right:
I do in traditional media quality works (can try to draw everything).
I accept both PayPal (USD$ or EUR€) and DeviantArt points:points:.
Prices starts from 3$.

:spotlight-left: :iconessey11: essey11 :spotlight-right:
Hello all! I am going to be doing ADOPTABLES now and I hope you keep a good eye out for them! For more info go to…

:spotlight-left: :iconzigzagmag: ZigZagMag :spotlight-right:
hello everyone, im Zigzagmag and im doing some digital dragon/monster commissions for cheap prices from 20-60 points come check them out here:…

:spotlight-left: :iconnso32: Nso32 :spotlight-right:
Quality commissions 150 points and up
Dragonite by Nso32 Dragoth by Nso32 Silence the Shadow Wolf by Nso32

:spotlight-left: :iconseiiannakyuako: SeiiannaKyuako :spotlight-right:
Hey guys~! I offer paypal commissions, and :points: commissions~!
Paypal runs from $1-$25+
Points run from 10:points:-2500:points:
I do tame and naughty work. ;) I'm even willing to draw your 'sona from just a text description!

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#DragonNation on Steam

Note us with your Steam name, and we'll add you to the list!

Join us for DN game nights!

:iconmushroom-dragon: MushroomDraco
:iconseiiannakyuako: DJDragonwolf
:icondelosdimillo: the42jabberwocky
:iconjex-lumikhoth: ghostdragon
:iconkalithe: Kalithe
:iconking-gigabyte: Majy_The_Dragon
:iconmoonzwolf: moonzwolf
:iconzigzagmag: ziggybrandon
:icondark-dragon-13: Dragon.Koeckeritz

Countdown to Derp

Countdown ended
Saturday, November 2nd @ 10:00pm


DragonNation Hatchery!

Note us your Dragcave Scroll name, and we'll show your growing dragons! (Eggs/Hatchlings updated weekly)

:iconseiiannakyuako: djdragondude
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

:iconmoonlightelf: Moonlightelf
-Not accepting aid from others-

:iconsilvermarten: SilverMarten

:iconangel-suicide14: Angel-Suicide14
-Not accepting aid from others-

:icontransparentplz:Random eggs and hatchies~! :heart:



Flight Rising

Note us with your FlightRising name, and we'll add you to the list!

:iconmushroom-dragon: IggyDerp
:iconseiiannakyuako: SeiiannaKyuako
:iconjerepasaurus: Jerepasaurus
:iconvolt-the-nightfury: Justanothernightfury
:iconspyertfear: Skarm
:iconkalithe: Kalithe
:iconking-gigabyte: KingGigabyte
:icondraconiaistra: Espee
:iconimmasweetslovinggirl: Immasweetslover

Newest Members

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Da Troll Wall


Hello everyone! Seiianna here. The DN chat team and I are planning on hosting two events based around the chat! One for the roleplayers, and one for all of you casual chatters out there.

Read on for details!

Come chat with your fellow dragons!

Drop by our official chat and meet your fellow group members in a friendly environment!
Come in, kick your shoes off, and make some new friends!
We hope to see you there! :)

MASSIVE DragonNation RP party!

Do you like roleplaying? Well, we have just the RP event for you!

Curious? Here's some expository information about the setting...
:icontransparentplz: Avalon, at its birth, its conception, was a glorious kingdom spanning much of the fertile land outside the great English kingdoms and civilizations, to the east of their borders. But it wasn't a kingdom built by man, no - instead it was forged by great beasts of wisdom known as dragons. Though only a handful of races lived in the kingdom, the majority of them were definitely western style dragons, though continued to vary in quite a few ways among themselves. These dragons formed what they called the Union - a unification of the different tribes and families that made the kingdom the great nation it is today.

:icontransparentplz: However, the English nation became envious of their kingdom and how it prospered, wanting that power and resource for themselves instead of leaving it in the hands of beasts they thought to be dangerous urchins who sought only to make their lives harder. Sensing the coming of a war, the great king Fae'ron decided to take away the kingdom of Avalon from the creatures of the land and forged a mighty enchantment upon a great crystal in the throne room of his castle, bonding the kingdom to the very spiritual energy that keeps the earth alive and giving it great power in return. The kingdom started floating.

:icontransparentplz: Lifted from the land by the great powers spanning the earth in all directions, a massive new nation was born as the earth used its energy to heal the hole left behind with the blessing and power of Fae'ron. This kingdom now expanded far beyond its original bounds as it grew in the sky, gathering a few small islands around it as it did so and eventually reaching a mass that outgrew even the massive island to the south (Austrailia). The flying kingdom of Avalon had finally been born, and was now free to follow the rivers of energy that it is now bonded to while its people and resources grew to match its size - even going so far as to gaining its own unique animal populus.

:icontransparentplz: This was not the end of Avalon's contact with the surface, for as the kingdom grew, so did its influence, and soon it found itself making allies out of the remaining tribes on the surface and even some humans who have now chosen to "follow the light", as they claim, and rejoin with their dragon brothers as it was at the dawn of time when dragons swore an oath to watch over humanity and help them grow. These newcomers were welcomed into the kingdom with open arms and have had several descendants in the two hundred years that Avalon has remained in the sky.

:icontransparentplz: Now is the time of coronation, for a new king to be chosen out of the children of Fae'ron, whose names are Dante and Azeizal. Naturally, this means the daughter, Saphira, is not eligible - nor are her children Nerakai and Malakar.

:icontransparentplz: The sun had risen above the castle this early morning and was already appearing to rest atop the highest spire which sits behind the throne room when looked upon from the west. The king was already in the throne room with his two sons and the council of elders with the doors sealed to keep out interlopers while they discuss who should be crowned as the next king of Avalon, to carry on his father's legacy. These sorts of debates could take weeks before a final decision is made. However, with coronation in two days, they've begun to rush past their final examinations to the point where a king will be named by this evening, which is in a few hours still as it is only eight in the morning.

And of course, all good roleplay groups have a few guidelines...

1. This is a group roleplay and therefore will be a group effort that could actually change the outcome of the entire project depending on what happens. This does not mean all players will be acknowledged at all times as reaction time and personalities need to be taken into consideration for how characters will react to situations.

2. Only NPCs (Non player characters) can be killed in this role play BUT keep in mind that, unless resurrected,they will become an egg again (Unless executed by the royal palace and council of elders) in the Avalonian reincarnation cycle and be born under different parents, chosen at random. (This cycle only applies to Avalon citizens. However, there are other races and species that have cycle of their own and, if you wish to include one such cycle, you must explain it in detail and keep it underpowered.) So do please try to keep the characters you want to be around for a long time from dying. Do NOT metagame to save them, though, and likewise for other players killing each other. Cheating like that is NOT okay for either side.

3. One post per player, not character. If you have a lot to say, remember to keep it all to one post and NEVER make your attacks hit directly on anyone BUT your own characters/NPCs, all other attacks must be ATTEMPTS where the target character's owner will make a realistic choice on whether it hits or not, if it hits the desired area, and what effect it has when their turn comes. (Remember to wait your turn, this IS a turn based role play) Remember, the GMs (Admins and moderators) will be watching to make sure that what your characters do makes sense in terms of (modified) physics.

4. Just about every species/race is permitted within reason if the player can come up with a valid reason for them to either be in Avalon, or interacting with the other characters as this won't just take place on the floating country.

5. Players are restricted to 3 characters and four NPCs at a time. The difference between the two is that NPCs are more expendable and will usually have very minor roles to play in the progression, unless marked as important (If taking control of an allowed character that GMs put out).

6. Last but not least, remember to have FUN and don't get mad if things don't go your way. This is a GROUP EFFORT, don't forget that!

PHYSICS: Well, first and foremost, the laws of physics most definitely apply to this role play so don't have like, a rock or something, float effortlessly in water without some sort of spell keeping it that way. These physics will also allow for injuries to come to characters that may remove them from the role play temporarily, depending on the severity. Avalonian doctors are VERY GOOD at keeping their patients alive, so even life threatening injuries could be kept at bay by their doctors. These doctors will help ALL factions they happen to come across, and a few of the GMs will be playing field medics to usher them off back home through medivac portals that send them someplace safe within the kingdom. Only the doctors can perform these spells but they, like all magic, can be rather taxing sometimes so do not rely on the medics solely to keep you alive and kicking.

MAGIC: Now, the different styles of magic are all more or less straightforward, as are the limits for how races can use them. Avalonian Dragons are imbued with natural magical energy that they can call upon through their voices in the actual Avalonian language, which is no longer used for talking, just spell craft. Dragons do not automatically know spells from this tongue, and likewise not all things said in this tongue will have a magical effect. Different ways of using it would be single words that can call forth elements and even summon creatures to their aid in battle - long spells can perform enchantments and attacks like areas of effect and other similar things. Other races can bring their own magic set and rules to the table but they must be approved by moderators BEFORE they are allowed to be used in the role play. All added magic sets shall be documented for future reference as well, same with the species created.

Creatures: Avalon is home to several races, which include differently colored versions of earth's creatures, some winged variants, and other such things (Including all of mythology.) So, you could end up coming across a wolf with wings or a bird with four legs if you looked hard enough. Magic does have a strange effect on animals. The native dragons, though, have thick scales but usually are not plated so, with enough force, things CAN penetrate their scales. Their wings and undersides are a lot easier to penetrate, though, and should serve as good weak points. (Other creatures brought to the table should also have similar strengths and weaknesses in terms of balance. Doesn't mean they have to be exactly the same, just balanced between their strengths and weaknesses.)

Want to join in? Head over to our roleplay chat, #DragonNationRP and strap yourself in!
And remember, keep most of your out of character talk in our main room, #DragonNation ;)

Other group activities!

The DragonNation game night is approaching fast! Harass Jex-LumiKhoth for more information!

dragon: Elevit-Stock, mountains: fantom89, wastelands: resurgere | wroth, chains: ocd1c-stock, scroll: | ba1969, brushes: redheadstock & MouritsaDA-Stock; coding and graphics by kuschelirmel-stock

More Journal Entries

#DragonNation news!

on right by 1m307/22 Meet DragonNation's new mascot, Hyvera Mako!
on right by 1m307/26 Project: DragonNation group photo! Want in? Drop a comment here!
on right by 1m308/02 DragonNation is Hiring! Openings are in the group, and the new steam community! Send us a note if you're interested!
on right by 1m308/02 DragonNation now has a steam group! Join for fun times!
on right by 1m308/03 Steam mascot contest~! The contest widget for more info!

Group Photo!

Comment here to get in!

Project: DragonNation group photo!
Click download for full view!!

What is it?
An image depicting all the members of DragonNation~.

Why are there so few in it?
Because it's a new project, of course!

It's #DragonNation. . .Why aren't they all dragons?
Although our main focus is dragons, anybody can join! :) DragonNation is a very diverse nation! There are no joining restrictions.

Can I be in it?
If you're a member of DragonNation, Of course!

I see every picture has a different style. . .What gives?
In order to show the diversity of DragonNation, this picture will have images either drawn by the 'sona's owner, or drawn by someone else!
If someone else drew your picture, please request permission before sending it to me!
If you link me a picture from say,, I /will not/ put it on this image!

Is there a deadline?
There is no deadline! If the image gets full, I'll expand the canvas!

What mediums are accepted?
All of them!
Photo (Fursuit, or a photo of yourself!
And whatever else you can think of!

Can you draw my character?
Sorry, not right now. However, I do offer commissions once my slots are empty!…

Cool idea! Can I help?
Of course! I'd love some help! If you're good with text, or just making things look fancy, let me know!
If you want to volunteer as an artist for those who need a pic, comment below, I'll put your name on the list!

Volunteer artists!
Please note these users if you want them to draw your sona!


I want in! How can I join?
Join DragonNation if you haven't already, then fill out this form in a comment below!


Sona's name:
Character Size:


Come join us!

Final steam game poll thing, same thing as the last two times vote on what you have and if you have more then one of these games please list the others, it'll help to compile the rest of the list, and of course suggestions are still welcome. ^^ 

8 deviants said Primal Carnage
7 deviants said Starbound
7 deviants said Dota 2
6 deviants said Terraria
6 deviants said Hawken
3 deviants said Risk of Rain


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